Computer Operator Practical Model Question Set-2

Computer Operator Practical Model Question Set-2

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Some practical tips and practical preparation sets form for Computer Operator Practical Model Question Set-2 and also Final Examination.

  1. Prepare all material for practical while you are leaving form practical like paper stand, keyboard etc.
  2. Keep admit card and all original certificate with one set photocopy.
  3. Get on practical exam hall before one hour.
  4. Switch off you mobile before enter on Lab.
  5. When you enter on lab, sit on easy mode and get fresh, you should be tension free and shouldn’t be nervous.
  6. Make folder and check computer setting before starting typing test.
  7. First, you have to give Nepali and English typing test then next section will start.
  8. When you get question for practical, read carefully and do it.
  9. If you have any confusion the current section, move on the next section.
  10. Save on every one minute.
  11. When you finish then print your paper and stitch it.

When you practice our practical sets, see time and try to do as fast as you can and save the time.

Computer Operator Practical Model Question Set-2

Nepali Typing

Computer Operator Practical Model Question Set-2 English Typing

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Copy the your typing test text into new file and perform the following tasks

  • Make three column of 1st paragraph and show line between the columns.
  • Give the border and shading to third paragraph.
  • Give the margin moderate and give the landscape orientation of first page only.

Perform the following task in MS Excel.

S.NItemsQuantityRateAmountDiscountNet Amount
  1. Calculate Amount discount and net amount with suitable formula. (If Amount is greater than 200, 10% discount, otherwise 3%)
  2. Create a pie chart of item rate

Make the two tables

  • SDetails (SID,name,address,contact)
  • Receipt (SID, fee,amount,feemonth)
  • make a relation between two tables
  • Enter any five particulars using Auto form.
  • Generate the report.

Prepare the presentation about any company and apply automatically display after 5 second.

Create the following form in HTML

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