Positive and Negative Impact of Internet

Positive and negative impacts of internet

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Positive and negative impacts of internet

Positive impact of internet

  • The faster, cheaper and easier medium of communication.
  • Information sharing and browsing
  • File transfer facility
  • Reach to world wide viewers
  • Effective, easier, faster, and cheaper promotion of a product or services
  • Better customer support, and customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Online services like banking, shopping, education
  • E-mail communication for sending and receiving electronic documents
  • Enhance collaboration between different organizations
  • Effective supply chain management
  • Electronic payment system using credit/debit cards, ATM, online payment, electronic cheque, smart card, electronic purse.
  • Newsgroups for instant sharing of news and feedback systems
  •  Creation of new job opportunities related with internet.
  • Remote access to use computer in remote locations
  • Source for entertainment
  • Social networking for instant touch with friends and relatives.

Negative impacts of internet

  • It is the most common medium for spreading malicious software like viruses, worm.
  • It has increased piracy
  • Pornography (uploading, publishing, viewing sexual contents in the form of text, image, audio and video)
  • Steeling, modifying or destructing authentic data
  • Piracy of software, audio, video or other intellectual contents.
  • Hacking of organizational system, website, and database.
  • It is also used to harass people by sending insulting comments, making vulgar cartoons, blackmailing
  • Unemployment problem for the individuals not having knowledge about the internet.
  • It has increased the digital divide.

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