What is computer? What are the features of computer? Explain

What is computer? What are the features of computer? Explain

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what is computer? What are the features of computer? Explain

            It is an electronic device, we called electronic device because it run on electricity. It takes input from user by the help of different input devices, process given input and produces the desired output as well as stored these outputs according to your requirements known as computer system.

What is computer? What are the features of computer? Explain

Computers are widely used because of its simplicity, comfortably. Some important features are mentioned below:  

  1. Speed: computers are works on enormous speed as compare to the human beings. Its speed measured in MHz to GHz. User given tasks or inputs to the computer and it performed within a few seconds. It works on the fraction of seconds so speed is a most important feature of computer.
  2. Accuracy and reliability: Computer always works on the 100% accuracy and reliability. It is an electronic device, electronic devices are accurate and reliable whenever computer produces any wrong output it means user gives wrong instruction it is called GIGO (Garbage in garbage out). And when you give same task number of times computer always produce same result is called reliability.
  3. Storage: computer has a huge storage capacity. It stores large amount of data’s for future use. The storage capacity is measured in bit, Byte, KB, MB, GB, TB and so on. For storage Magnetic tape, floppy disk, DVD, CD’s, Hard disk are used.
  4. Diligence: Compute never tired, when human beings are performs same tasks for long time we bored as well as tired but computer never bored and tired, it performs same tasks for long time.
  5. Versatile: The computer is versatile it works different task on one time as well as it plays different role in different fields.  It means computer has capacity to perform many different tasks. Like computer can used for calculations, scientific research, hospitals, educations etc.

As mentioned above features are encourages us to use the computer in different fields and perform the difficult tasks easily as well as enormous speed.

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