What are the application areas of computer? Explain

what are the application areas of computer? Explain

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what are the application areas of computer? Explain

Computers are used in various sectors in now days. Which are used for easy to works and interconnect the users by using the internet. And computers are most reliable and accurate compared to the human beings. So most of the areas computers were use. Some most used areas of computer listed below:

what are the application areas of computer? Explain
  1. Education: Computer are used in education sector for teaching learning purpose as well as to maintain the ledger sheets of teaching staffs and administrator staff and kept record of the students. By using the computer teacher and students are access the e-resources.
  • Business: In business the computers are used for kept the record of store rooms, staffs, or tagging the price of the product. And generate the record of sales and purchase of goods as well as it is used for generate the Seles bill of the products.
  • Communication: Computer are used as a communication medium. Which are used for Email, video conferencing, audio calls, and chatting etc. We can communication between source to destination and vice versa easily or in a cheap price.
  • Bank: In a bank computers are mostly used. By using the computer in the bank transaction record are generated and all ledger sheet are well managed as well as by using  the computer Banks are facilities provide user as E-Banking, Mobile banking etc. we can easily transfer and withdraw the money easily with the help of internet banking.
  • Health and Medical Field: The computer is widely used in hospitals to help doctors in diagnosis, getting information about patient’s diseases, required treatments, keeping patient records, online booking. It is also used in administration for keeping patient records.

The above mentioned application areas are mostly used the computer. The use of the computer the users can easily done works and well maintains records. So computers are most useful in different fields or sectors.

Define the different generation of computer. Explain with appropriate figure.

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