Nepali Video Sharing Platform Ramailo App Published

Nepali Video Sharing Platform Ramailo App Published

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Nepali Video Sharing Platform Ramailo App Published today (2080/08/05). short video sharing platform are published today and Nepali people take it the alternative of TikTok after band the Nepal Government.

Ramailo App

Ramailo App published by the IDEA JAR DGITAL. the features of the Ramailo app everyone can see the video, upload the video, explore the video, like comment and sharing the video. The company also plans to give a certain amount to the content creator after some time according to the content and popularity.

At a time when the government is saying that it is difficult to bring social networks like Tiktok and Facebook under the scope of regulation, the company believes that when a Nepali company develops such an app, it will also ease the regulation.

The company said that if the user uploads content with wrong intentions including content that affects social harmony, the video will be removed under the app’s ‘community guidelines’, the account will be suspended and the account will be closed forever.

Citizens above 13 years of age will have access to the Ramailo app.

The company mentioned that this app is currently available on the Google Play Store, while the app store will be available for iPhone users in a few days. Android users can click here and install the Ramailo app.

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