Define block diagram computer system?

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Define block diagram computer system?

Computer is an electronic device, we called electronic device because it run on electricity. It takes input from user by the help of different input devices, process given input and produces the desired output as well as stored these outputs according to your requirements known as computer system.

The block diagram of computer system as mentioned below:

Define block diagram computer system?
  1. Input Unit: The input unit used to give the instruction to the computer by using different input devices.
  2. CPU: Central processing unit is a brain of computer which process the given instruction. The CPU categorize into three parts ALU which is calculate the arithmetical and logical calculation and control unit (CU) control the signals which is also called nerve system of a computer. Register is a primary memory which holds the instruction for a certain time period.   
  3. Memory: Computer memory is used for store data which stores data for temporarily or permanently. The storage device which store for certain time when we off the computer than all data are lost is called primary memory. And when store the data for future use or we can use saved file in future is called secondary memory.
  4. Output Unit: The output unit is used for produce or display the CPU processed result by using the different output devices.

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