Computer Register Memory and it’s types-Gyanchautari

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Register memory

  1. Fastest memory / high speed
  2. It holds the data for immediate processing / temporary
  3. Less access time
  4. A group of flip flop is called register
  5. Data holding capacity is very less

Types of register

  1. MAR(Memory Address Register): It contains the address in memory  of the word to be written from or read into the MBR.
  2. MBR(Memory Buffer Register): It contains of a word to be stored in memory or is used to received a word from memory.
  3. IR(Instruction Register): Contains the 8-bit op-code instruction being executed.
  4. IBR(Instruction Buffer Register): It is used to temporary hold the instruction from a word in memory.
  5. PC(program Counter): contains the address of the next instructions to be executed. It holds 16 bits data
  6. Accumulator: Stores the result of arithmetic and logic operations. It holds 8 bit data and accessible to the programmer.

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