Computer Operator Written Exam Question

Computer Operator Written Exam Question

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Hey are you looking for Computer Operator Written Exam Question? Gyanchautari Teams are collect the Computer Operator Written Examination Question form Sajha Yatayat Information Technology Assistant post Question paper. for more about sajha yatayat website

Computer Operator Written Exam Question Section “A” [35 Marks]

1. What are the different between RAM, ROM and Cache Memory in Computer System? [5 marks]

2. What are the main characteristics of Unicode due to which it is most popular in the world? [5 marks]

3. Describe the major functions of an Operating System? [5 marks]

4. What is mail merge in word processing? What are the advantage of using the mail merge? [2+3=5 marks]

5. Define relative cell reference and absolute cell reference in electronic spreadsheet program, Illustrate with suitable examples. [5 marks] 6. What are the different types of system tools provided by Windows OS for the improvement of system Performance? Explain. [10 marks].

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Computer Operator Written Exam Question Section “B” [35 Marks]

7. What do you mean by DBMS? Write down the features of DBMS in data management and security. [1+4=5 marks]

8. What do you mean by formatting and validating field data in DBMS? Explain with a suitable example.[5 marks]

9. What is MS PowerPoint? Write down its features and uses. [2+3=5 marks]

10. Define IP Address and Subnet Mask in computer networking. How do you find the IP Address and Subnet Marks of your computer and network? [2+3=5 marks]

11. Explain the following terms [2+3=5 marks]
a. Phishing
b. Identity and Access Control 12. Define different types of malware and security threats in today’s cyber world. Explain the various security measures that should be applied to be safe from those cyber threats. [4+6=10 marks]

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Computer Operator Written Exam Question Section “C” [30 Marks]

13. What is Cloud Computing? What is the provision of ICT Policy, 2072 regarding Cloud Computing? [2+3=5 marks]

14. What is Digital Signatures? Write down the advantages and uses of Digital Signature in government institutions.

15. Explain the role of Department of Information Technology for the development and implementation of Information Technology in various sectors of the government [5 marks]

16. Explain the roles and responsibility of Government Integrated Data Center for the management and security of government data. [5 marks]

17. Explain in brief about major goals and objectives of ICT Policy. 2072

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