Computer Operator MCQ Old Set-Gyanchautari

Computer Operator MCQ Old Set-Gyanchautari

Computer operator MCQ old set Blogs

Sample Question Set (OLD SET)

1. All components work together as a unit is called

a. System

b. Component classification

c. storing system

d. operating system

2. Processor fetches an instruction from

a. Keyboard

b. ALU

c. CPU

d. Memory

3. The IT Policy of Nepal introduce term GEA, which stands for

a. Government Enterprise Architecture

b. General Enterprise Architecture

c. Government Expert Architecture

d. Global Enterprise Architecture

4. When a computer is first turned on or restarted, a special type of absolute loader called …. is executed.

a. Compile and Go loader

b. Boot loader

c. Bootstrap loader

d. Relating loader

5. To quickly find website you have recently been to, you could look in your

a. browsing history

b. favorites

c. bookmarks

d. downloads

6. Electronic Transaction Act deals with

a. Digital Signature

b. Certifying Authority

c. Cyber Crimes

d. All of the above

7. Person who analyze information system and practicality of computers is classified as

a. systems analyst

b. systems manager

c. data manager

d. processing manager

8. Which device must be required for the internet connection?

a. Joystick

b. Modem

c. CD Drive

d. NIC Card

9. What does DPI stand for; DPI is used to measure quality of scanner

a. Dual Pixel inch

b. Dots Per Inch

c. Dots per Instant

d. Drop Per Inch

10. The printed output from computer is called

a. printed copy

b. soft copy

c. hard copy

d. paper copy

11. MICR stands for

a. Magnetic Ink Character Reader

b. Magnetic Ink Code Reader

c. Magnetic Ink Cases Reader

d. None of the above

12. What is the acronym of COBOL?

a. Common Business Oriented Language

b. Computer Business Oriented Language

c. Common Business Operated Language

d. Common Business Organized by Virus

13. You suspect virus entered your computer. What will not affected by virus?


b. Boot Sector

c. Floppy Disk

d. Program Files

14. What does DMA stands for?

a. Distinct Memory Access

b. Direct Memory Access

c. Direct Module Access

D. Direct Memory Allocation

15. To create or change name of volume of disk


b. FAT



16. Which of the following is the most important Windows updates?

a. They may include security patches

b. They can improve the performance of your PC

c. They may fix bugs in the operating system

d. They show down the start-up time of your computer reason for installing

17. Logical multi programming operating system is extension of

a. time sharing

b. multi tasking

C. single programming

d. both A and B

18. You should choose sleep option when

a. the computer is tired after working for the whole day

b. you are leaving for a very short time and want to resume your work shortly

c. when computer gets hanged frequently.

d. Let it sleep for some time

19. Router operates at which layer of OSI Model?

a, Physical

b. Transport

c. Network

d. MAC sub layer of data link layer

20. Which do you press to force a page break ?

a. Ctrl + Alt

b. Ctrl + Break

c. Ctrl + Enter

d. None of the above

21. Which of the following line spacing is Invalid?

a. Single

b. Double

c. Triple

d. Multiple

22. Ctrl + M performs

a. New Document

b. Close Document

c. Right Indent

d. Left Indent

23. Margin that is added to the binding side of page when printing

a. Binder Margin

b. Booklet Margin

c. Shadow Margin

d. Gutter Margin

24 straight quotes with smart quotes as you type?

a. Auto correct as your type

b. Auto change as you type

c. Auto format as you type

d. Smart tags as you type

25, In Word program, we can remove/hide boarder of a shape by selecting

a. No line

b. No outline

c. White line

d. No boarder

26. The ability to combine name and address with a standard document is called

a. document formatting

b. database management

c. mail merge

d. form letters

27. If you want to keep track of different editions of a document which features will you use?

a. Editions

b. Versions

c. Track Change

d. All of the above

28. If you need to change the type face of a document, which menu you will use:

a. Edit

b. view

c. Format

d. Tools

29. IN MA-Word the key F12 opens a

a. save as dialog box

b. open dialog box

c. save dialog box

d. close dialog box

30. Which fun reminder after a number is divided by a devisor?

a. ROUND ()

b. FACT ()

c. mod ()

d. DIV ()

31. What is the shortcut key to hide entire row?

a. Ctrl + H

b. Ctrl + R

c. Ctrl +9

d. Ctrl +0

32. A function inside another function is called

a. Nested function

b. Round function

c. Sum function

d. Text function

33. When you insert an Excel file into word document. The data are

a. hyperlinked placed in a word table

b. linked

c. embedded

d. use the word menu bar and toolbars

34. Which command will you choose to convert a column of data into row?

a. Cut and Paste b. Paste Special>>Flip

c. Paste Special>> Transpose d. None of the above

35. It is acceptable to let long text flow into adjacent cells on a worksheet when

a. Data will be entered in the adjacent cells b. No data will be entered in the adjacent cells

c. There is no suitable abbreviation of the text

d. There is no time to format the next

36. If particular workbook have to open each time Excel started, where that workbook should be placed?

a. AUTOEXEC Folder



d. XLSTART Folder

37. Which of the following setup options cannot be set in the page setup dialog box?

a. Printer selection.

b. Vertical or horizontal placement

c. Orientation.

d. Row and column titles.

38. How can you update the values of formula cells if Auto calculates mode of Excel is disabled?

a. F8

b. F9

c. F10

d. F11

39. Which is an example of a function in Excel?

a. add(A1:A2)

b. =A1+A2

c. =SUM(A1:A2)

d. A1+A2

40. In Standard Database System, which field type can store photos?

a. Hyperlink

b. OLE Object

c. Store Procedure d. Box Object

41. The size of yes/no field is always

a. 1 bit

b. 2 bit

c. 1 byte

d. 1 kb

42. A logical schema

a. is the entire database

b. describe data in terms of relational tables and columns, object oriented classes and XML tags

c. describes how data is actually stored on disk

d. both A and B

43. Which of the following database objects asks a question of information in a database and then displays the result?

a. Tables

b. Reports

c. Queries d. Forms

44. The candidate key is that you choose to identify each row uniquely called?

a. Alternate key b. Primary key

c. Foreign key

d. None of the above

45. Which of the following section does not exist in slide layout?

a. titles

b. lists

c. charts

d. animations

46. What do you do to start the slide show?

a. Click on GO

b. Turn on transition

c. Click on the slide show icon d. All of the above

47. IN Microsoft PowerPoint, which key on the keyboard can be used to view slide show?

a. F1

b. F2

c. F5

d. F10

48. Which HTML tag produces the biggest heading?

a. <h7>

b. <h9>

c. <h4>

‘d. <h1>

49. What is the correct HTML for adding a background color?

a. <body color = “Yellow”>

b. <body bgcolor =”Yellow”>

c. <background>Yellow</background>

d. <body background =”Yellow”>

50, Where is the correct place to insert a JavaScript?

a. the body section

b. the head section

c. it must be inserted n the body and head section

d. it can be inserted in either the body on the head

Answer – Key


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