BICT Old Question Fundamental of Education

BICT Question BICT Old Question 1st

Are you looking for “Bachelor of Information & Communication Technology” BICT Old Question Fundamental of Education? Here Gyanchautari teams are collect old question for your exam preparation.

Short answer questions 6*5=30 marks

1. Explain with examples the major forms of education?

2. Explain the needs and importance of open and distance learning in the context of Nepal.

3. Discuss the contribution of philosophy in education with suitable examples.

4. Define society. Describe the importance of social interaction in brief.

5. Explain the different steps of yoga.

6. In what way School Sector Development Program (SSDP) in different from School Sector Reform Program (SSRP).

Long answer questions 2*10=20

7. Idealism is the most ancient thought in world of philosophy. Explain the objectives, educative processes and roles of teachers in idealistic education.

8. What do you meant you socialization? Discuss the major agencies of socialization with explains.

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