Assistant IT Operator Question paper of TSC

Assistant IT Operator Question paper of TSC

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1. Which of the following storage is fastest?

a) RAM

b) Register

c) ROM

d) blu-ray disc

2. Which register holds the information before it goes to the decoder?

a) Control register

c) Accumulator

b) Data register

d) Address register

3.Which of the following printer creates characters by striking pins against an ink ribbon?

a) Dot matrix

b) Laser

c) Ink jet

d) Thermal

4. Which of the following memories must be refreshed many times per second?

a) Static RAM

b) ROM

c) Dynamic RAM


5. Legacy BIOS system in computer is replaced by:


b) BFS



6. Which of the following components of CPU coordinates and controls the operations of a computer system?

a) ALU

b) MU

c) CU

d) Register

7. Which of the following is system software?

a) Word processor

b) Compiler

c) Spreadsheet

d) Photo editor

8. SSD Stand for:

a) Semi Solid Device

b) Solid State Drive

c) Semiconductor Specified Device

d) Silicon State Drive

9. A smaller version of an image is called:

a) Clipart

b) Bitmap

c) Thumbnail


10 In display unit………. is the ratio of the horizontal length to the vertical length.

a) Aspect Ratio

b) Resolution

c) Contrast

d) Bit

11. Where are local variables defined?

a) body of a function

c) outside of a function

b) anywhere in the program

d) main function only

12. All statement in C** program should end with

a) A Comma (,)

b) A Full stop (.)

c) A Colon ( : )

d) A Semicolon ( ; )

13. In C/C” programming language CHAR type is of length

a) I byte

b) 2 byte

c) 4 byte

d) 3 byte

14. The conversion specification for the “unsigned INT” type of the data used

in C language is

a) % d

b) % u

c) % ud

d) % iu

15. What will be the output of the following C code?


int main()

int c= 2 & 3;


  1. 1          b) 2                  c) 3                  d) 4

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16. Which is the process of explicitly converting one data type to another data

type ?

a) Data Type converting

b) Data converting

c) Type converting

d) Type Casting

17. Which of the following statement DOES NOT increase the value of variable by one?

a) d+t;

b) d+1 => d;

c) d+=1

d) d=d +1;

18. Which of the following is a loop construct that will always be executed once?

a) for

b) switch

c) while

d) do while

19. Which of the following concepts in OOP allows to reuse the prewritten code?

a) Encapsulation

b) Inheritance

c) Abstraction

d) Polymorphism

20. Wrapping data and its related functionality into a single entity is known as

a) Encapsulation

b) Inheritance

c) Abstraction

d) Polymorphism

21. Which key should be pressed to start a new paragraph in Ms-Word document?

a) Down cursor key

b) Shift + Enter

c) Enter key

d) Ctrl + Enter

22. Which of the following break in MS Word ends the current line and forces the text to continue below a picture, table, or other item?

a) Page break

b) Colum break

c) Text wrapping break

d) Continuous break

23. Which feature enables to send same letter to different person in Microsoft word?

a) Macros

c) Template

b) Mail merge

d) None of the above

24. Which feature is not available in MS word font spacing?

a) Shrink

b) Normal

b) Condensed

d) Expanded

25. The shortcut key to set line space to 1.5 in office word is

a) CTRL +3

b) CTRL +5

c) CTRL +2

d) CTRL +4

26. Which of the following functions in MS Excel returns a logical TRUE response if all of its arguments are true and false otherwise?

a) SUM

b) OR

c) IF

d) AND

27. The cell reference M$4 is a .

a) Relative cell reference

b) Mixed cell reference

c) Absolute cell reference

d) Link cell reference

28. Pivot table is tool to

a) Set printing preferences

b) Calculate sub total

c) Extract data from a large, detailed data set

d) Export data into other formats

29. The feature to display only the data based on selected parameters in Excel is….

a) Formula

b) Filtering

c) Pivot

d) Sorting

30. Which function displays current date and time in MS Excel?

a) Today ()

b) Date ()

c) Time ()

d) Now ()

31. Which of the following feature in MS Power Point affects the way one slide goes to the next slide?

a) Slide show

b) Slide master

c) Slide transition

d) Slide sorter

32. Timing of slide show can be programmed using

a) Program Timing

b) Set Timing

c) Prefix Timing

d) Rehearse Timing

33. Who is making Web standards?

a) Mazilla

b) Microsoft

c) W3C

d) Google

34 Each cell of the table can be represented by using

a) <tr>

b) <th>

c) <td>

d) <thead>

35. Which of the following HTML tag is used to display the text with scrolling effect?

a) <marquee>

b) <Div>

c) <scroll>

d) <span>

36. Which of the following is correct commenting form in HTML?

a) <!- and ->

b) <*- and ->

c) <&- and ->

d) <#- and ->

37. RGB value of RED is



b) FFF000

d) FF0000

38. Which HTML tag is used to define internal style sheet?

a) <css>

c) <script>

b) <style>

d) <link>

39. What is CSS Float?

a) Allows other elements to wrap around an element

b) Element can be pushed to the left or right

c) Element can be pushed to the up and down

d) Element can’t be moved

40. What does PHP stand for?

a) Personal Home Page

b) Hypertext Preprocessor

c) Personal Hypertext Processor

d) Private Home Page

41. In PHP, which of the below symbols is a newline character?

a) \r

b) \n

c) /n

d) /r

42. The tags elements in XML are

a) browser dependent

b) Case-sensitive

c) Case-insensitive

d) Client device sensitive

43. Form validation traditionally was performed by

a) PHP

b) JavaScript


d) jQuery

44 Which SQL statement is used to extract data from the database?



c) GET


45. GUI stands for

a) Graphic User Interface

b) Great User Interface

c) Grammatical User Interface

d) Geometrical User Interface

46. Moving process from main memory to disk is called

a) spooling

b) scheduling

c) caching

d) swapping

47. DLL stand for

b) Dynamic Link Libraries

b) Dynamic Link Loader

c) Dynamic Loader Link

c) Dynamic Loader Libraries

48. Which of the following is NOT the state of a process?

a) Waiting

b) Old

c) Running

d) New

49. Which of the following is the deadlock avoidance algorithm?

a) Thread algorithm

b) Banker’s algorithrn

c) Traffic Light algorithm

d) Round-robin algorithm

50. Which one of the following commands in MS DOS divides the surface of blank disk into sectors and assign a unique address to each one?

a) Chkdsk

b) Ver

c) Far

d) Format

51. If a process fails, most operating system write the error information to a:

a) Log file

b) New file

c) Register


52. To allow only one user to work with a particular file at a particular time, one has to use

a) Semaphore

b) Locking

c) Critical region

d) Dedicated mode

53 Which of the following boot loaders is NOT used by Linux?




d) All of the above

54 What is the primary job of operating system?

a) Manage resources

b) User friendly

c) Provide utilities

d) Command Resources

55. Which of the following is used to define the structure of the relation, deleting relations and relating schemas?

a) Master Query Language

b) Data Manipulation Language

c) Relational Schema Language

d) Data Definition Language

56. In the relational modes, cardinality is termed as:

a) Number of tables

b) Number of servers

c) Number of tuples

d) Number of attributes

57. Command that combines the records from one or more tables is called





58. Which of the sql statement is correct?

a) Select *from<table_name> where <condition>

b) Select from*<table_name>where <condition>

c) Select from <table_name> where <condition>

d) Select < table_name> where <condition>

59. Which of the following SQL operation demands the use of wild card comparisons?

a) IN




60. Which of the following makes the transaction permanent in the database?

a) Rollback

b) View

c) Commit

d) Flashback

61. In a RDMS, relationship between tables are created by using:

a) Alternate key

b) Composite key

c) Candidate key

d) Foreign key

62. Which of the following recovery technique requires undo operation?

a) Deferred update

b) Immediate update

c) Shadow paging

d) Checkpoint

63 Which of the following normal form is based on the concept of fully functional dependency?

a) 4NF

b) 3NF

c) 2NF

d) INF

64. Which symbol in ER diagram represent Entity Set?

a) Rectangle

b) Ellipse

c) Dotted Rectangle

d) Diamond

65. CISC stands for

a) Complete Instruction Sequential Compilation

b) Computer Integrated Sequential Compiler

c) Complex Instruction Set Computer

d) Complex Instruction Sequential Compilation

66 The addressing mode which makes use of in-direction pointers is

a) Indirect addressing mode

b) Relative addressing mode

c) Index addressing mode

d) Offset addressing mode

67. The instruction “JUMP” belongs to:

a) Sequential control flow instructions

b) Control transfer instructions

c) Branch instructions instructions

d) Control transfer & branch

68. How many buses are connected as part of the 8085A microprocessor?

a) 1

b) 3

c) 2

d) 4

69 The decoded instruction is stored in:

a) IR

b) Registers

c) PC

d) MDR

70. Registers used to keep track of address of the memory location where the next instruction is located is.

a) Memory Address Register

c) Instruction Register

b) Memory Data Register

d) Program Register

71. The method for storing data temporarily such that the input-output of the same job is overlapped with its own processing, is known as:

a) Spooling

b) 1/0 wait

c) Contention

d) Buffering

72. Arithmetic pipeline is used for

a) Floating point operations

b) Integer operations

c) Character operations

d) None of the above

73 For converting a virtual address into the physical address, the programs are divided into

a) Frames

b) Blocks

c) Segments

d) Pages

74 To overcome the lag in the operating speeds of the I/O device and the processor we use

a) Buffer spaces

b) Interrupt signals

c) Status flags

d) Exceptions

75. A topology that involves Tokens is…………. topology

a) Star

b) Bus

c) Ring

d) Rocket

76 Which OSI layer provides security, encryption and compression for the data?

a) Network

b) Presentation

c) Transport

d) Application

77. Address that is used by a host to test itself without going into network is called

a) Self Address

b) Loopback Address

c) Identity Address

d) Compatible Address

78 Which of the following networks is accessible to only authorize parties outside the organization?

a) Internet

b) Intranet

c) Extranet

d) All of the above

79 Which of the following switching technique requires a dedicated path between sender and receiver?

a) Message switching

b) Circuit switching

c) Packet switching

d) Time switching

80. In OSI network architecture, the dialogue control and token management are responsibilities of:

a) Network layer

b) Transport layer

c) Data layer

d) Session layer

81. Which of the following is the size of IPV6 address?

a) 32 bits

b) 128 bits

c) 64 bits

d) 256 bits

82. The class B IPV4 address is :





83. The X,25 standard specifies a

a) Technique for start-stop data

b) DTE/DCE interface

c) Technique for dialup access

d) Data bit rate

84. Which protocol is responsible for the logical addressing of each packet created by the transport layer?

a) IP

b) RIP

c) TCP

d) UDP

85. Transport Layer function is/are:

a) Optimal path finding

b) Packet switching

c) Port multiplexing

d) Dialogue control

86. DHCP stands for

a) Dynamic Host Control Protocol

b) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

c) Different Host Control Protocol

d) Dynamic Host Configuration Procedure

87. The DOS attack is which the attacker establishes a large number of half-open or full open TCP connections at the target host:

a) Botnet flooding

b) Bandwidth flooding

c) Vulnerability attack

d) Connection flooding

88. IMAP is

a) An email protocol

b) DNS protocol

c) Security standard

d) Routing protocol

89. The Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol is an intra domain routing protocol based on…….. routing.

a) Link state

b) Path vector

c) Distance vector

d) Non distance vector

90. A digital signature is a mathematical technique which validates Except which of the following property?

a) Authenticity

b) Non-repudiation

c) Integrity

d) Accuracy

91. An Artificial Neural Network is based on?

a)  Cognitive Artificial Intelligence approach

b) Bio-Neural Intelligence approach

c) Strong Artificial Intelligence approach

d) Weak Artificial Intelligence approach

92. When two companies are linked together by computers and they send business transactions through these computers, they are probably using.

a) Digital wallets

b) Electronic data interchange (some other website specified answered B)

c) Smart cards

d) B2C

93. In gird computing model, servers or personal computers run

a) Dependently

b) Concurrently

c) Independently

d) Horizontally

94. What is the role of Gateway in small grid architecture of IoT?

a) Store data

b) Collect data

c) Manage data

d) Security

95. Which is not supported in web?

a) GIF

b) PNG

c) BMP

d) JPG

96. Who is the responsible for digital signature?

a) NRB


c) NTA


97. When was the first IT policy promulgated in Nepal?

a) 2057 B.S

b) 2069 B.S

c) 2016 B.S.

d) 2049 B.S.

98 According to Electronic Transaction Act, 2063 B.S. a license obtained by Certifying Authority shall have to renew in:

a) Each year

b) Every three years

c) Every two years

d) Every four years

99 Who is the member secretary of executive council of Tribhuvan University?

a) Vice Chancellor

b) Register

c) Rector

d) Dean

100. When was Tribluvan University Act enacted?

a) 2016 B.S

b) 2049 B.S

c) 2039 B.S.

d) 2055 B.S.

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