Assistant Information Technology Sajha Yatayat

Assistant Information Technology Sajha Yatayat

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Assistant Information Technology Sajha Yatayat: Are you looking for the Answer sheet for Assistant Information Technology Sajha Yatayat exam which is held on 2079/06/30. Gyanchautri solve the objective question and present for you. check the your answer on the following answer.

Let’s see the answer for Assistant Information Technology Sajha Yatayat

1. Which shortcut key is used to spell check in MS-Word?
a. F1
b. F2
c. F7
d. F9
2. Which item is placed at the end of the document?
a. Footer
b. Endnote
c. Footnote
d. Header
3. What is used to measure and line up objects in the Microsoft Word Document?
a. Ruler
b. Gridlines
c. Thumbnail
d. Document map
4. If you want to keep track of different editions of document, which feature will you use?
a. Editions
b. Versions
c. Track change
d. All of the above
5. Which feature in MS Word is used to create a newspaper like document?
a. Bullets and numbering
b. Tables
c. Columns
d. Rows
6. Which of the following symbols is used to enter formula in MS-Excel?
a. $
b. +
c. #
d. =
7. Which function in Excel checks whether a condition is true or not?
a. SUM
d. IF
8. The cell reference A$4 is a ………. Cell reference
a. Relative
b. Absolute
c. Mixed
d. None of the above
9. To select the entire column, press ………..
a. Tab + C
b. Tab + E
c. Alt + Space
d. Ctrl + Space
10. …….. allows you to combine data from multiple worksheets into a single master worksheet.
a. Data consolidation
b. Multiple data
c. Scenarios
d. Goal Seek
11. Long text can be broken down into many lines within a cell. You can do this through ……….
a. Text wrapping in format > Cells
b. Justify in edit> Cells
c. Wrap text in format> Cells
d. All of the above
12. Without using the mouse or the arrow keys, what is the fastest way of getting to cell A1 in spreadsheet?
a. Press Ctrl + Home
b. Press Home
c. Press Shift + Home
d. Press Alt + Home
13. In Excel, rows and labelled as ……..
a. A, B, C, etc.
b. 1, 2,3 etc.
c. A1, A2, A3 etc.
d. $A1, $A2, $A3 etc.
14. Which one of the following commands is used to modify a column inside a table?
a. Drop
b. Update
c. Alter
d. Set
15. A request for information from a database in database terminology is called ……
a. Report
b. Letter
c. Table
d. Query
16. In the relational table, which of the following can also be represented by the term “Attribute”?
a. Entity
b. Row
c. Column
d. Both A and C
17. In which of the following formats is data stored in the database management system?
a. Image
b. Text
c. Table
d. Graph
18. What is DBMS?
a. DBMS is a collection of queries
b. DBMS is a high level language
c. DBMS is a programming language
d. DBMS store, modifies and retrieves data
19. Key to represent relationship between tables is called ………..
a. Primary Key
b. Secondary Key
c. Foreign Key
d. None of the above
20. Which shortcut key inserts a new slide in current presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint?
a. Ctrl + M
b. Ctrl + N
c. Ctrl + S
d. Ctrl + V
21. PowerPoint presentation are widely used as …….
a. Note outlines for teachers
b. Project presentation by students
c. Communication of planning
d. All of the above
22. What is a motion path?
a. A type of animation entrance effect
b. A method of advancing slides
c. A method of moving items on a slide
d. All of the above
23. To add a header or footer to your handout, you can use …….
a. Title Master
b. Handout Master
c. Slide Master
d. All of the above
24. Which command is used to test a network host capacity to interact with another host?
25. Which of the following transmission directions listed is not a legitimate channel?
a. Simplex
b. Half Duplex
c. Full Duplex
d. Double Duplex
26. Identify the full form of HTTP?
a. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
b. Hyper Text Transfer Package
c. Hyper Transfer Text Package
d. Hyper Transfer Text Practice

27. Which of the following is true with regard to the “PING” command?
a. Pint stands for Packet tracing
b. Ping command summarizes the packet loss and round trip delay between two IP ends
c. Pint command checks the port level connectivity
d. Pint command activates the RARP protocol
28. Firewall as part of a router program ……….
a. Filters only packets coming from internet
b. Filters only packets going to internet
c. Filters packets travelling from and to the internet from the internet
d. Ensures rapid traffic of packets for speedy e-commerce

29. Which of the following is considered as an element of Cyber Security?
a. Network Security
b. Operational Security
c. Application Security
d. All of the above
30. Which of the following usually observes each activity on the internet of the victim, gathers all information in the background and send it to someone else?
a. Malware
b. Spyware
c. Adware
d. All of the above
31. A computer Virus is a ……….
a. Software
b. Hardware
c. Bacteria
d. None of the above
32. Which law of Nepal describes crime and punishment of Cyber Crime?
a. Information Technology Act
b. Payment and Settlement Act
c. Electronic Transaction Act
d. Cyber Crime Act
33. Verification of electronic record is possible through ………
a. Public key
b. Private key
c. E-governance
d. Digital Signature
34. The latest ICT Policy was published in …….. BS.
a. 2070
b. 2071
c. 2072
d. 2073
35. A Private key in Electronic Transaction Act, 2063 means a key of any key pair used to create……..
a. Digital Framework
b. Digital Sign
c. Digital Signature
d. Digital Paper
36. Which of the following is a technique to blend two or more image to form a new image?
a. Modeling
b. Morphing
c. Animation
d. Warping
37. Which of the following is not a part of the file directory?
a. Attribute
b. Protocol
c. Location
d. Ownership
38. Which file creates a perfect reproduction of the original images?
a. Shockwave
b. NX View
c. GIF
d. JPG
39. Which of the following devices provides the communication between a computer and the outer world?
a. Storage
b. I/O
c. Drivers
d. All of the above
40. The ….. generation computer was based on VLSI microprocessor.
a. Frist
b. Second
c. Third
d. Fourth
41. Which of the following is the fastest memory?
a. Random Access Memory
b. Cache Memory
c. Secondary Memory
d. Auxiliary Memory
42. Which of the following is not a Operating System?
a. Windows
b. Oracle
c. Linux
d. DOS
43. The core of UNIX Operating System is called ………
a. Kernel
b. Karnel
c. Kannal
d. None of the above
44. Which is not the function of the Operating System?
a. Memory Management
b. Disk Management
c. Application Management
d. Virus Protection
45. Which of the following file systems does the Windows Operating System apply?
a. FAT 16
b. FAT 32
d. All of the above
46. Window is ………. And Windows 95, Windows 98 are …….
a. Graphic user interval, Export system
b. Graphic user interface, Executing systems
c. Graphic user interface, Operating system
d. None of the above
47. Which command is used to copy all files from the currently logged drive and directory with the extension ‘.txt’ to the drive C?
a. Copy C. *.txt
b. Copy *.txt C:
c. Copy *.txt A:
d. Copy *.txt all.txt
48. Press ….. to open the help window
a. F1
b. F2
c. F9
d. F11
49. Which shortcut is used to apply center alignment to a paragraph in MS-Word?
a. Ctrl + S
b. Ctrl + C
c. Ctrl + C+A
d. Ctrl + E
50. The shortcut key to open a ‘New File’ in Microsoft Word is ……..
a. Ctrl + N
b. Ctrl + D
c. Ctrl + X
d. Ctrl + Y


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